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Love and Ice: The Tragic Obsessions of Dr. Elisha Kent Kane, Arctic Explorer

(Frederic C. Beil, 2015)

In this biography of Elisha Kent Kane, the poignant love affair between Kane and famed Spiritualist Maggie Fox adds heart-warming contrast to the explorer’s frigid adventures in the Arctic. Upon Kane’s untimely death in 1857, his universal fame culminated in a funeral procession rivaled only by that of Abraham Lincoln.

A deeply researched, interesting book.

--Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Fury Beach: The Four-Year Odyssey of Captain John Ross and the Victory

(Berkley, 2003)

The Arctic has claimed more than its share of explorers. Still, its bays and straits have been named for and by the handful of men who have made conquering it their mission. One such man was John Ross.

A revealing portrait of one of England’s most vilified, but ultimately vindicated, adventurers.
--Kirkus Reviews